With And Through Prayer



Thursday, November 1st  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – To reiterate what you learned yesterday…let Us be more in-depth. Your world’s ills are not caused by a mean and evil God, but by humans/people who are going crazy over their separation from God. In Heaven, you are right with God…you know He is there and you feel His loving Presence clearly.

     On Earth, you have to work within your Free Will to know God. You have the option to go through your life without having a relationship with Him. That is the essence of Free Will…whether or not you will embrace God or ignore Him.

     For those who choose to ignore Him, life can be very hard and difficult – God’s help is what enables you to move forward in your lives and have miracles and dreams come true for you. Having a good standing relationship with God causes you to receive His blessings, gifts and joy. It is a choice everyone has to make.

      You might consider your life on Earth as an experiment. An experiment on how you will choose…to know and love God, or to ignore Him. If you ignore Him, he will still love you as much as He loves anyone else. His love for you is unfailing. 

     If you embrace Him…all the blessings you can imagine are yours. But do you really embrace Him? Perhaps this is a question for another day. Just think about how you relate to Him. Are you friendly and loving? Do you complain much of the time? Do you trust Him? 

     A good place to start, is to invite Him into your lives with and through prayer. Telling Him that you believe in Him and want to have a wonderful relationship with Him. To deepen your connection to Him. Let that be where you start. 

  - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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