Weary Of "Phase 2"

Sunday, October 7th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Today let Us go through the steps again for your benefit.            Step 1 is a phase where you are very excited about an idea for a prayer and you pray earnestly to God in high hopes that your prayer will be answered. You are very excited and expect your prayer to be answered.

     Step 2 is a phase where you are growing and expanding…things seem to not be working well in your life…there are conflicts, stresses, strife and straining, things in your life break down…it can be very unpleasant for a while and the duration has everything to do with your resolve to get through it as painlessly as possible. By praying for ease and grace and flow, by keeping a positive attitude in the midst of turmoil and thanking God for the upheaval – knowing that your prayers are indeed being answered behind the scenes, shall We say.

     Step 3 is the phase where your dreams come true. What you have prayed for comes true and you are thrilled with the results and maybe, perhaps start praying again for something else you have been thinking about. And the process begins again.

    This is your Golden Formula! Once you recognize what phase you are in – you can navigate it best and cruise through at lightning speed. Keep in mind that being grateful during each of these phases is essential to moving through them smoothly. Stay in touch with God and have an attitude of gratitude. You will no doubt be weary of “phase 2” ahead of time, but once you begin the process it will be like a routine of cleansing you and expanding yourself to be the kind of person who can handle what you have asked for.

     Let the knowledge of these three phases comfort you. Blessings!

  - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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