Your Desires ARE Prayers

Saturday, October 6th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – How do you feel about prayer? Do you hesitate now because of fear of “Phase 2”? Hopefully you will honor your dreams and heart’s desires enough to ask for them – even knowing that you will go through “Phase 2” in the process.

     You will no doubt go through periods in your life where things do not click and you are unhappy about it…even though you had not prayed. How can this be? Let me tell you about it:

     Not only will you continue to go through phases of discontent in your life throughout your incarnation – you will have expressed desires to God without even knowing about it! You are always praying in one way or another. Your desires ARE prayers. Your thoughts are prayers – although mostly unintentional. Your very being is praying all the time…God is always in touch with you…you may feel these communications are merely your own thoughts…but they are not. They are from God.

     Your soul is here on Earth to grow and expand. It will always seek the path of growth and expansion…and that means you will always have phases in your life that require more effort and patience than others. In order to grow and expand you must seek. Seek your heart’s desires, seek opportunities, seek experiences. 

       You will always have a desire in your heart and mind…even if you don’t purposefully ask God for it. Merely having a thought or feeling of desire puts you in the process of answering prayers…in other words “Phase 1-2-and 3”. You simply did not know what you were going through.

     Trust God to do what is right for you at all times. If you cooperate, you will be taking the most direct and useful route. Attitude is everything! Let God lead you into a better space by allowing for these phases – even the discontenting ones. Be thankful that God and We angels have your back. Do you understand? Your desires are God’s desires so He will always help you become fulfilled. Being grateful only eases the process. 

     - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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