What "Phase" Are You In Right Now?

Thursday, October 4th  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Yesterday was a long dissertation on how to have a prayer answered. I know it was long and complex…I hope you all took what you could from it and inevitably it made your process easier by understanding it.

     Now I want to go over something with you…I want to go over why “Phase 2” has to exist in the first place. You may find this interesting.

     “Phase 2” exists because you are not ready for your prayers to be answered – in other words – you must grow into the kind of person who can handle the answer to your prayer! This is true. When someone asks for a prayer to be answered he or she always thinks they are ready…but this is usually not the case. For the prayer to be answered in a way that can be of permanence – growth must take place. And growth can cause things to break down in the process.

     The reason things break down is because all the old paradigms are beings broken down in order to make room for the new energies to come into your life. Maybe you have to grow out of a personal habit or pattern of yours, maybe you have to become comfortable with a new energy coming in, maybe this – maybe that.

     It all comes down to this: you are a growing and evolving human being and you are always growing…however – when a prayer is requested you are asking for something that might not happen on its own, right? You are asking God’s assistance to bring in a new energy and a new thing that could possibly not happen without His Help and Assistance. 

     Trust in this process and it will all become easier…if not only because you understand it and can navigate it better. You are also gaining patience during this process…and patience is something you all need to grow in throughout your lifetimes. What “Phase” are you in right now? Can you recognize it? Are you prepared for it? That is the question! Good luck, Dear Ones!

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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