Do NOT Give Up!

Wednesday, October 3rd  2018

     Dear Holy Honored One – Today you will see the results of your hard work ahead of you. You have been thanking God that things seem to be going wrong, haven’t you? You have been thanking God for this phase called “Phase 2”…what? You haven’t heard about “Phase 2”? Let me explain:

     “Phase 1” is when you are all excited about an idea for a prayer and you start praying earnestly, with high hopes. You may even employ different methods of prayer to use your creativity more effectively. You are happy that you are working on a prayer and expect it to be answered.

     “Phase 2” is when things go awry. Things just don’t seem to go well…things break down, communication is often scattered, you get into bad moods, you feel out of control and no matter what you do to correct things – they do not get fixed. This is the time when God is stretching your FAITH and TRUST in Him. And yourself. This is a time for growing and expanding…you will be tested during this phase and great patience is required to get through it. 

     Do NOT give up! This is the time when many people throw in the towel and tell themselves “this is too hard, my prayers will never be answered – things are getting worse, not better!” Don’t believe it! Stick to your guns and plow forth, doing your prayer work and keeping FAITH that God is not only answering your prayers but by being in “Phase 2” you are closer than you have ever been to having these prayers answered!

      “Phase 3” is the final stage…this is the time you have been waiting for! Your dreams will come true, your prayers will be answered and you will see the harvest from all the prayer work you have sown. “Phase 3” is what you have been waiting for! This is a time of Thanksgiving and appreciation to God. Say “thank You” to God for all your answered prayers. And thank yourself for sticking through “Phase 2” which is the most difficult of the three. 

     This formula was encountered by almost all of the previous pray-ers in all of time gone by. It is during “Phase 2” that people give up and then have to start the process all over again! I told you this was going to be a process. How long does it take, you ask? It is unique and different for each and every person. It depends on the enormity of the prayers you have asked for and the way you handle “Phase 2”.

     Be strong if you are in “Phase 2”. God and We angels are with you 100% of the time. Pray for ease and grace. Thank God for the experiences you are having, therefore proving your FAITH. Hang in there and continue your prayers. We are with you!

 - Channeled from Archangel Michael and 

The Divine Coterie through Mandy Arwén


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